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The story of “Stara Čaršija” has started centuries ago and it will continue far into the future.

Mediterranean, as the oldest geographical region, exists interweaving into different cultures, religions and nations from the ancient Persia on the east to the western European kingdoms.

Until today, Old town of Bar is a symbol of harmony that portrayed on “Stara Čaršija” Resort. Here you will find the Mediterranean exterior of olives, pomegranate and tangerine trees with carefully chosen and shaped stone in combination with modern, luxurious and comfortable interior where every detail was given the attention.

Satisfy your senses


Restaurant Stara Čaršija was created as a unity of extraordinary design relying on the use of natural and recycled materials only, shaped by the hands of skilled artisans. Along with great traditional Mediterranean cuisine and pleasant atmosphere, you will enjoy the splendid view of the Old Town of Bar castle.

Comfort is the key


Modern and luxury apartments where every detail was given attention and traditional-rustic image of the hotel represent a fusion which will leave you with most beautiful memories of Old Bar. The beauty of the hotel is surpassed only by the view of the castle of Old town of Bar and beautiful coastline of Adriatic Sea and Skadar Lake.

Dedicated to your relaxation

Spa & Wellness

Our team is paying great dedication and attention to designing the future SPA and Wellness program. The famous Turkish hammam for the best skin treatments and body cleaning, as well as Finnish sauna with a pool and special massage rooms, are ideal combination for your relaxation.

Our menu

House specials

  • “Stara Čaršija” plater
  • Sarma
  • Baklava
  • Veal
  • Imam bayildi
  • Tulum salad
  • Pizza Montenegrina
  • Lokum steak
  • Sauce Steak
  • Lamb “A la Čaršija”

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