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A simple commitment to health?


During the previous year, we all understood how important health is all 365 days of the year, that’s why it is equally important to keep healthy every day. And so, from time to time we start waving around with healthy recipes, mixes, percentages of this or that, we very quickly give it up because it is tasteless, boring, or complicated, forgetting that keeping healthy is actually extremely simple!

“You are what you eat” – is an old saying that has its foundations in science and which physiology justifies because we basically eat so that each of our cells gets its share of food.

What previous generations used to call ‘food’, we have many names for that today: organic, natural, home-made, certified, green, etc. The whole set of rules and formalities that was later summed up in one Eco label is just an attempt to make up for all the patience and dedication that was once given to food. That is why we will single out just a few of our favorites that we want to present to you, which are the symbols of tradition, health, and the Mediterranean:


By tasting our ajvar you can feel what a real traditional taste is! The preparation of ajvar does not start in the kitchen, but the field. The process begins with choosing the highest quality seeds for peppers and growing only domestic varieties. Whether you prefer it with bread or with cheese and meat dishes, ajvar must be an integral part of every winter!

Plum jam

Sweets lovers are struggling to find sweet and healthy in one product, the answer is simple, plum jam provides it all! A characteristic taste that stays in the memory and that makes every homemade pastry a dessert that delights!

Olive oil

In the past, the olive tree was a symbol of friendship and peace among nations, now it represents the spirit of the Mediterranean tradition that reminds us again and again of the value of the legacy and the whirlpool of emotions it evokes. Every aspect of this oil is simply a boon for our body, and salads spiced with olive oil give a strong stamp to our entire menu!

Black Cumin oil

At the eastern end of the Mediterranean, the countries of the Orient, the healing properties of black cumin oil have long been discovered, and it has reached Europe through ancient trade routes. Today, science would say that the answer to its healing properties lies in the ideal chemical composition of the seeds, which contain over 100 biologically active substances that complement each other and support the healing effect. It used to be simply said that black cumin oil was the cure for everything!