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Old Town, Old Olive and Petrovići Castle

Walk through the rich history of this ancient city formerly called ‘’Antibareos’’ originating from  9th century, with visits to its three most important historical locations.

Old town Bar was abandoned at the end of 19th century. Now it represents the largest museum in Montenegro and an archaeological site, which portrays the history of Bar back from the ancient Illyrian era, and the intertwine of the Ottoman and Montenegrin culture and co-existence.

Upon absorbing the views and culture of the Old Town of Bar, the tour continues towards the Old Olive Tree, the second most important monument of the city, and a biological phenomenon. The Old Olive with its 2347 years of age is the oldest tree in Europe, as estimated by molecular analysis.

Last but definitely not least, you will have an opportunity to visit the new town, its seaside promenade where the Museum and former summer palace of  the last king of Montenegro, Nikola I Petrović.
The museum offers a fun flashback to the King’s reign and lifestyle, bustling with historical artifacts related to the history and culture of Bar.