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How to recognize security?

The changed lifestyle started last year as an assumption, but this year it is already a fact. Without a doubt, our habits will be completely different for a long time to come compared to the period before the pandemic. We have all been given some new responsibilities, and hotels and restaurants now, in addition to […]

Two sides of the same pleasure

Coffee – the only thing in the whole world that transcends all identity issues and we all equally agree that our life without coffee would be different. In the Balkans, we went a step further, so out of coffee, we created a procedure, a tradition. Many of us wouldn’t change for anything all of the moments of drinking this drink, that comes from are of today’s Jordan.

Timekeepers of Old Bar town

Time passed in old Bar town, and below we report on the first people in Bar who started with accurate timekeeping: The sundial at the spring of Dobra Voda has existed since time immemorial. Before the arrival of the clock, the water for irrigation was divided through “lisan.” It was a kind of sundial on […]