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Timekeepers of Old Bar town

Time passed in old Bar town, and below we report on the first people in Bar who started with accurate timekeeping: The sundial at the spring of Dobra Voda has existed since time immemorial. Before the arrival of the clock, the water for irrigation was divided through “lisan.” It was a kind of sundial on […]

A simple commitment to health?

During the previous year, we all understood how important health is all 365 days of the year, that’s why it is equally important to keep healthy every day. And so, from time to time we start waving around with healthy recipes, mixes, percentages of this or that, we very quickly give it up because it is tasteless, boring, or complicated, forgetting that keeping healthy is actually extremely simple!

Church of St. Catherine

The Church of St. Catherine, which dates back to the 14th century, belonged to the Archdiocese of Bar and is unique in this area because it was built above the city passage. The life story of the church has several stages. The earliest found by archaeologists, which is the basis of the church, dates from […]