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Covid SAFE


Faced with new epidemiological responses, the main focus of the Stara Čaršija Resort & SPA was to preserve the health of all guests and employees. However, we have developed the CovidSAFE protocol located here in Stara Čaršija, which has been raised to a higher level, disinfecting all surfaces with special attention to all the small objects that are daily, sometimes unconsciously, tied in contact.

Key segments of our standards:

  • Upon arrival at work, each employee’s temperature is measured and any symptoms he or she has been recorded. In case of the slightest symptoms, the results are reported to the authorities, the employee must do the testing for Covid-19 and home isolation of the employee is necessary.
  • Disinfectants used in restaurants and hotel are based exclusively on O3 disinfectants, which are the most effective in removing all viruses from surfaces. This disinfectant is used in the daily maintenance of hygiene of all surfaces in Stara Čaršija and all items used by guests and staff.
  • During check-in at the reception, each guest receives pre-disinfected cards, while at the reception itself there are visibly marked areas for each guest with a distance of 2m. After the check-out of the guests, all surfaces at the reception are disinfected again. At the reception, guests can receive a mask, free of charge upon request, while a personal disinfectant awaits each guest in the room. At check-out, guests dispose of used cards in a container with “used” cards, which remain there until re-disinfection.
  • The restaurant recommends wearing masks in public areas, and all guests who do not have a mask can get it for free. The distance between the tables is 2m. The table is set only after the arrival of guests, and all items once served are disinfected after the departure of guests. The menus used by the guests are made of special material that can be disinfected. All employees in the restaurant wear masks and visors, while gloves are regularly disinfected.
  • General cleaning of the room is done only 24 hours after the guest leaves the room for security reasons per staff.

Recommendations of our standards:

  • Room service is performed exclusively at the request of the guest and when the guest is not in the room, in order to reduce contact between staff and guests.
  • Contactless card payment is a recommendation of our Resort in order to reduce contact between guests and staff and physical contact with money.
  • Hotel and restaurant guests have at their disposal masks that are recommended to be worn outdoors, as well as disinfectants found in the hotel.

Social responsibility:

  • The distance between all tables is a minimum of 2m, while only 4 people are allowed to sit at the same table, with the exception of members of the same household. Serving and table setting are done only after accommodating guests.
  • The Covid-19 was a test for us from the beginning, but never a problem, which had to be passed with the highest grade.
  • Thanks to the instructions and measures of NCB, and our quick action and high awareness of social responsibility from the very beginning, we had a plan and knew all the steps for further action, never losing the thought that cleanliness and safety should become our main assets.
    The fight against the invisible enemy has united us all and placed us under a common cloak of solidarity, and Montenegrins will continue to be adorned with the epithet of good hosts in spite of these challenging times.
    So, don’t delay, fall in love with Old town Bar and enjoy the time spent with us to the maximum, with the knowledge that the entire Stara Čaršija team is responsible and that it knows all the latest measures of the World Health Organization at all times.