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Creating memorable moments!


The cult of marriage as an act of civilization, the act of man as a thinking individual, has always required a special space and procession in order to be further etched in the memory of the future spouse as well as those who rejoiced in the event.

As humanity has risen culturally, the forms were subordinated to latitudes according to the way they were organized. Today, a fateful “Yes” is carefully searched for a possible location and often arranged long before the wedding. One must not make a mistake, because “by the morning the day is known.”

To the satisfaction of future newlyweds, one of the novelties on the tourist map of Montenegro, the Resort Stara Caršija decided to organize weddings with its management and contribute a combination of traditional and modern unforgettable impression of sophistication with high quality service and professionalism of its employees.

It will be a fairy tale combination of the desire of couples with the architecture of Old town Bar, which for centuries is a unique historical place and archaeological site that testifies to a cultural and architectural site that is of great importance through which permeate different architectural styles, heritage and cultural diversity.

The foothills of Rumija, embraced by centuries-old olive trees with almost a touch of the sea, will enchant you with our selection where you can try and enjoy the most delicious traditional snacks that will be served on your wedding menu and complete and make your wedding spectacular and never forgotten. The decoration is made according to your wishes, with style and recognizably good taste for the space as of your dreams.

The unique atmosphere and authentic ambience in this combination of love oaths will be supported by the unique look of the resort with many terraces, stone walls and stairs, planters full of various plants and flowers, beautiful objects that take the clock back centuries, reminding you of the most precious thing and meaning of the love you live.