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Delta of Ada Bojana


Formerly known as one of the most exotic nudist centers and signature resorts in former Yugoslavia, “Ada Bojana” today is open for all profiles of tourists looking to enjoy its special nature, gastronomy, horse riding and a full day of leisure on warm sand or horse riding on sea shore.

The island has grown generations of seasoned fishermen, and it is one of the favoritegastronomic destinations of visitors. In the small fishing restaurants on the cost along Bojana bows, the most beautiful varieties of seafood are prepared. Experienced in fishing, and preparing seafood, the locals have been deceloping skills for generations, and transferred them over the years into some of the fines fish restaurants in the Balkans.

“Ada Bojana” is located in the far south of Montenegro, bordering with Albania, with the distance of 1 and a half hours drive from the resort via car.