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The city four centuries ago


Many people have written and are writing about Bar, a town under Rumija mountain. During the 17th century, famous Ottoman traveler Evlija Čelebija visited Bar, and we are transmitting his travelogue in its entirety:

“The Conqueror (Ottoman: Gazi) entered this town at 1478 year. It belongs to the territory of the Skadar province (Sandzak). It is a branch (niabet) as one of the shires (nahijas) of the Ulcinj legal entity (kadiluk). It has a city commander (dizdar) and an armed crew. All of them are brave Arnaut heroes, who with their frigates are constantly attacking the province of Pula, the coast of Croatia, the rebellious Venetian cities, and the Montenegrin and Kliment brigand. They invade them and returned healthy with their prey to their city, full, and never come empty-handed. Either way, they always come from somewhere with some gain.

This city is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. It is built of stone in the shape of a quadrangle and represents a very skillfully built fortress.

There are military houses in the fortress, covered with shingles and stone slabs. They have no gardens at all. There is a mosque of Sultan Ahmed, a primary school (mekteb) , a high school (madrasa), a praying area (masjid), a granary, an ammunition depot, cisterns, imposing cannons, a city gate, city music and a moat.

Rising from there, we arrived in the town of Ulken (Ulcinj), which is located at the extreme border. ”