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Hiking Tours


– Lisinj (Photo trekking tour)

One of the best photo-trekking tours in the region of Bar, offering spectacular views of the entire Adriatic coastline of  the city of Bar, and a great hike through untouched mountain nature.

The hike starts after a 20 minute panoramic drive via foothill of Mount Lisinj.

From this point onward, your local guide will lead you along the marked paths towards the peak of Mount Lisinj – peak Loška, resting at 1353 meters above sea level.

The track difficulty varies from easy to medium, uphill, passing by old agricultural settlements, exchanging a variety of trails, from rocky soil to soft grass. You may fully absorb the tranquility of untouched nature, learn about local flora and fauna and enjoy with full lungs our pleasant Mediterranean-mountain climate.

The climb lasts cca 2 and a half hours in medium tempo, with many charming stops for refreshments & photos. If lucky, your hike will be complimented with sights of wild or semi-wild horse herds, roaming freely, untamed through the beautiful mountain pastures.

For those who decide to go trekking during May, they will find the mountain covered in yellow and violet orchids, all the way to the top.

On Loška, after taking photos of spectacular views over the Adriatic shore of city of Bar, you may enjoy your picnic.

– Natural jacuzzi in Mikulici (trekking tour)

One of the Mount Rumija’s miracles is the naturally formed slab, locally referred to as Jacuzzi, created through centuries by the river called “Vruća” (hot ) river, bustling with high temperature water during summer time.

The hike starts after a 30 minute panoramic drive towards the former village of Mikulići, at the foothill of mountain Rumija. In this small mountain village, rests a medieval mosque and church that are preserved by all the villagers, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Passing through the oak forest, your local guide will lead the way towards the natural rock formation, popularly referred to as the “Jacuzzi”. Oak forests (lat. Quercus trojana) are characteristic for coastal mountains,  with clean and fresh air and areas with over 200 sunny days, such as the city of Bar.

“Vruća” river is unique in that it runs on natural stone slabs, which additionally heat the water of the river. Because of this, locals named the river a “Vruća” (eng. hot river). One of the smaller waterfalls at the beginning of the stream created this natural Jacuzzi, ideal for bathing and relaxation at your choice, or an intimate picnic with your loved ones.

This region, is full of harmony, spirituality and wild mountain beauty!

– Guardian of the two shores (White Stairs)

Once one of the most frequent trade routes between the sea and lake shore of the city of Bar, now a special trekking tour through Mountain Rumija, providing interesting insights into trading history of Bar.

The hike starts minutes away from the hotel, near Škanjević Mosque. Your guide will accompany you during the entire tour, cca 3 hours, until reaching the “White Staircase” passage.

The track difficulty is semi-difficult, at the start flat and easy, changing to mostly cascade rocky trails or through oak forest, keeping you active and animated throughout the tour. Your guide will be at your disposal to amuse you with historical information of ancient trade between the sea and lake city shores.

You will pass by numerous households and properties dating from 17th and 18th century, which were of crucial importance for the citizens of Bar and their life quality. The most outstanding example is the aquaduct dating from the Ottoman period, which used to provide drinking water to the Old City od Bar, still in function to date.

At the highest mountain passage, you will be introduced to a natural rock formation in a shape of a man, so called “Montenegrin Stonehenge”, to whom local pedestrians always referred to as the silent  guardian of the two shores, the Skadar Lake shore on the north, and Adriatic Sea coastline on the south.

Optional transfer back to the resort via car is available, rounding up to a 30 minute semi-panoramic drive.