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Our story of the year 2021.!


For us, every day of this year was one step forward. The series of successes achieved in the previous months awakens in us great joy and gratitude to all employees who with their commitment,  temper and love for their work have brought us to be where we are!

Stara Čašija had the honor of gaining its place in well-known both local and world magazines.

Maslinada, a local bar magazine, is one of the first Montenegrin magazines for olive growing and culture. The olive tree as a symbol of the city of Bar, which is also called the “Holy Tree”, marks both Bar and Stara Čaršija. The mill that adorns the very entrance to our resort, was used for years to make olive oil, his photo adorns the cover of this magazine.

The Arabian Travel Market is one of the largest Middle Eastern tourism fairs in Dubai. We had the honor to present our hotel offer, our additional accommodation facilities that were worked on diligently and with great care, then a rich restaurant offer, while we were especially pleased to present the offer and open our Wellness & Spa center, its facilities, which will make the perfect combination for complete enjoyment and relaxation.

National Geographic Traveler known for its photojournalism is one of the most widely read magazines of all time. A well-known magazine with authentic content, which describes all world destinations and events in pictures. Among the many popular and famous places, we can proudly say that a photo of our resort has found its place.

Forbes is a global media company, focused on business, investment, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership and lifestyle. Together, all Forbes sites reach more than 27 million unique visitors each month. Forbes uses the slogan “Home for World Business Leaders” and in 2006 claimed to be the most visited business website in the world. We consider it an extremely great achievement that we had the honor to give an interview and find ourselves in the same place with many world destinations!

– A French journalist from the magazine “Voyager Ici & Ailleurs” visited Montenegro. His wish was to get to know our country in more detail.  Stara Čaršija Resort & Spa had the honor and pleasure of hosting renowned journalist Lucas Lahargoue for 3 days. The impression that the journalist brought from Montenegro is best shown by the fact that Montenegro was on the front page, and that instead of the planned 15, it received 28 pages in the magazine.

Bild is a German tabloid. It is the best-selling European newspaper and has the sixteenth largest circulation in the world. Among the many destinations mentioned in the magazine as one worth visiting, was Stara Čaršija.

The Guardian is a British magazine, which is the second most read online magazine after “The New York Times”. Journalist Emma Haywood visited Montenegro and, as she says, all its undiscovered beauties. Visiting all the beauties that Montenegro has, the services it offers, as well as the unavoidable destination if the trip brings you to Bar, she mentioned our resort!

As well as additional successes this year, we would mention our new friends from Bvlgari and Phytomer.

Every fragrant note of Bvlgari is an expression of pure glamor that encompasses the very essence of sophistication and elegance of the brand.  Stara Čaršija Resort & Spa decided on Bvlgari products, because it strives to offer its guests the best quality, and in its hotel rooms and in the Spa center they will be able to enjoy the magical scents of “Bvlgari Eau the vert” cosmetics.

Phytomer, a true leader in marine cosmetics, has made scientific advances in its guiding principles.

For 40 years, his research and founding teams have discovered the most powerful marine ingredients and invented the cosmetics of the future. As someone who nurtures the charms of nature and all that it offers us, we decided to enrich our treatments with a collection of Phytomer cosmetics, thus giving your body and spirit what you deserve!

We are leaving behind a year, which will be the motivation for the successes that are yet to come!