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Oriental and Mediterranean cuisine recipes that have been refined for decades will without doubt satisfy all your senses and safeguard your health, especially with the inevitable, extra-virgin local olive oil!

A special charm to our dishes is provided by the special wood stove in which a great number of superb, succulent pizzas are made.



Benedict Breakfast
3 eggs, beef prosciutto, feta cheese, tomato, bread and hollandaise sauce
Homemade dough, pieces of beef steak. tomato, peppers, peeled tomatoes, garlic and spices.
Fincan burek
homemade cup-shaped dought, stuffed with minced meat and spices, served with yogurt
Eggs & Croissants (2 fried eggs & 2 croissants with cheese served with grilled vegetables) Foccacia Bread (served with butter, honey and jam Fresh Fruit Plate ( seasonal fruit) Drinks ( pomegranate or mint juice, coffee or tea)
Englesh Breakfest
2 egg, beef sausage, prosciutto, mushrooms, cheese, red beans and tomato
corn-based traditional porridge, prepared with "kajmak" cheese spread, consumed with yogurt
Traditional Pie or "Mantije"
freshly rolled dought, baked in-house, stuffed with your choice of ingredients: cheese, spinach or veal minced meat
3 Eggs any style
omelet, scrambled, fried, boiled served with your choice: cheese, grilled vegetables, beef sausages, beef prossciutto
prepared with banana, served with nuts & dates
Montenegrin Donuts
freshly fried dought prepared in accordance with the local recepie, served with honey
enriched with nuts and berries, served with cold milk yogurt
Stara Čaršija Breakfast for 2 persons
Eggs with Sides (two fried eggs, scrambled eggs fried beef prosciutto, beef sausages, chicken breast) Cheese (cheese selection: cow cheese, "Njeguguški" cheese, goat cheese) Homemade Bread and Sides (traditional tomato dip "ajvar" honey & jam) Fresh Fruit Plate (seasonal fruit) Traditional "Mantije" (freshly rolled dought, stuffed with veal minced meat) Vegetables (fresh tomato & cucumbers, lettuce, domestic olives) Montenegrin Donuts (freshly fried dought prepared in accordance with the local recepie, served with honey) Drinks (still or sparkling water 0.75l, coffee or tea )  
Eggs & Foccacia Bread (2 boiled eggs served with foccacia breda & butter) Oatmeal (prepared with banana, served with nuts & dates) Fresh Fruit Plate (seasonal fruit) Drinks (pomegranate or mint juice, coffe or tea)