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Ritual that lasts for centuries – continued in Bar


The hammam, created in the tradition of Roman baths, was a unique place for relaxation for both men and women – of all ages, throughout the Ottoman Empire.
The longest bathing ritual that has existed since ancient times maintains its popularity to this day.
The first hammam in Bar was built during the Ottoman era and we revived it through our Wellness & SPA concept.

The central place of each hammam is a stone slab located in the middle of the room, which shape is usually hexagonal or octagonal, on which the users of the hammam lie. Around the central part there are sinks made of the finest marble with fountains and copper vessels. Despite the established opinions about the humidity of the air, the humidity in the original hammams is very low, and the temperatures range from 35-45°C.
The walls and floor of the hammam are mostly decorated with tiles with oriental ornaments.

Before you start the treatment with the therapist, you will receive a special towel (peštamal), which you will wrap around your waist. After that, you are ready for the real experience.

The first step is to enter the sauna and steam room, in order to open the pores with heat and steam, allow all impurities to come out of the skin and thus prepare the body for further treatment.
After ten minutes spent in the sauna, the therapist picks you up and places you on the stone slab. The treatment begins with body peeling, special gloves made of a natural material called “Hamam bags”. This peeling removes all dead skin cells in detail and stimulates the natural regeneration of the skin. After that, the therapist will make huge amounts of soap with very skillful movements in the traditional way. You will not be seen soon, because the soap will cover you, and the therapist will start to remove the slightest impurity from your body, at the same time providing a great relaxing massage with quiet oriental music.
After the massage, they will rinse you with clean water, which they will pour over you from copper vessels.
Your body will be cleansed and reborn, after which you are ready to go to the relaxation room. As the last step of each hammam, you will be relaxed with freshly prepared fruit, tea or detox water that will rehydrate you.

This type of wellness treatment is known for a number of healing properties, such as detoxification of the body, renewal of skin cells, purification of the respiratory tract, a positive effect on the nervous system and connective tissues. It is known to improve sleep and help people who have problems with insomnia. That is why it is not surprising that the Turks called the hammam a “silent doctor”.

Try this traditional bath in the SPA center of “Stara Čaršija”.