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Sacred tree of Bar


Bar is known as the city of olives. It is estimated that in this municipality are over 100 thousand of them. If someone is wondering how exactly so many olive trees exist in Bar, here is the answer: There used to be a special law, which forced those who wanted to form a marital union, to plant olives before that. For every citizen of Bar, the condition was that one must first plant 20 olive trees.

The olive that stands out and is special is the Old olive. It is located in the village of Mirovica and is the oldest in Balkan and in the Europe, also one of the oldest trees in the world.  The age is estimated between 2000 and 2700 years.

The last owner of the old Olive was Velisa Nikocevic. The greatest danger to the Old olive was in the World War II. In the 1941, the occupying Italian government offered Velisa Nikocevic a huge compensation for the dislocation, more precisely in the Naturalistic museum in Bari. They offered him, no less, no more, than a jar of gold. Cognizant of its value for the whole region he did not take seriously this proposal of the Italians.

The Old olive tree was set on fire twice in the past by accident, but it survived. However, traces of the fire are still visible. Today, it rightly represents one of the symbols of the city Bar.

The vow of preserving the Old olive was passed down from generation to generation. The elderly residents still have a vivid memory of the strictest ban on tearing branches or leaves from it. The legend says that the sick found a cure, and the poor consolation. The young people were getting married, and the wedding ceremony was playing arround this olive tree for a health birth.

Bar is a multiethnic city, where three religions live in love and harmony. Every year on 20th of July, people of all three religion are coming to celebrate the glory of the Old olive tree. They are extremely attached to this sacred tree.

The Old olive tree was an inspiration for centuries for native artists. Numerous Tv spots were recorded under it. The olive tree gave its name to the main award of the „International Tv festival“. The Children Festival of creativity has been held under it for 14 years. Recently, it represents the destination of the manifestation „Pilgrimage to the Old olive“ in whose cultural and artistic program participate writers, painters and musicians.