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Stara Čaršija as an icon, history and an intertwine of cultures


The Stara Čaršija restaurant is a place that has given Stari Bar a new note, a note that was inspired by the construction and dedication of our ancestors that we come through in the entire Old Town of Bar. What is required for art and true love is, first and foremost, a great heart and that is why Zlatko Vujotić is a name that the Old Town of Bar will remember for his skill and intolerance with everything that has not been perfected.

He describes himself as a man who is free in his thought and his work, not bound to one location, and he gets his ideas from his trips that are also research trips. He sets forward his vision of the preservation of cultural heritage and construction of our ancestors in a way that no longer exits today, and it is relentlessly being ruined. During our conversation he emphasized that there will be no change to his vision, nor does it have an alternative. There is only a desire to salvage as much as possible. And his method of operation has not changed either, nor has that of our ancestors who laid the foundations of architecture by feeling the nature.

The Old Town of Bar has met both the Bar city center and Old Town of Bar as two separate entities which are firmly lined. However he points out, back to the way as it is displayed in hundred year old photographs. On the question:”If you could describe the restaurant “Stara Čaršija” in short, what would it be” he responds: “Icon, history and an intertwine of cultures.”


“My goal was to fulfill the desires of the only investor I had met until this point, who did not skimp on his effort and resources aimed at revitalizing what has been ruined and neglected. As my personal success in this project, I see the permission of Hajriz Brčvak who allowed me to recreate everything in the way I thought was the most suitable, however my experience and work are to be credited for this.

I am also thankful for the kind and supportive words of the people of the Old Town of Bar, who were skeptical at first, but now realize the significance of the project “Stara Čaršija”. Likewise, the smiles and the joy on the faces of visitors, whose number are growing, also mean a lot to me,”, Vujotić had pointed out. As someone who explored the majority of the Balkan peninsula, Zlatko sees the Old Town of Bar as a sibling to Ohrid in many elements, and he shared an interesting detail with us. To be more precise, a part of the stone artifacts used in construction originates from Korčula. And many people do not know that the red stone between Bar and Sutomore, was shipped to Dubrovnik as a replacement for the stone from Korčula and that it was used to pave Stradun. This was done for many years by the mason Mišo from the City of Bar.


Finally, he emphasizes that the seal of “Stara Čaršija” is a message written in the restaurant. It was done by the artists Stanislav Nikičević, where a Muslim and a Christian woman stand equal with children at their side, and it reads: : The creation of “Stara Čaršija” is an example of how to nurture nature, legacy construction, developed craftsmanship, gastronomy and brotherly embraces.