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Stara Čaršija Resort & SPA


With its construction, “Stara Čaršija” Resort & SPA has opened the gates of Old Bar, a destination that has been less known to tourists, but its great potential, cultural heritage and natural beauties equally delight visitors from both eastern and western destinations.

Each of its segments returns the guests to the former Old Bar town. With its authentic cuisine, comfortable and luxurious apartments and professional staff, you will feel the well-known Montenegrin hospitality, enjoy the Mediterranean climate and taste the passion that our chefs give to each meal.

With the expertise of our craftsmen, the combination of rustic and comfort has been created which depicts to our guests the original image of this Mediterranean city with its rich history. In the last stage of its development, the hotel will contain 5 separate units with ten different accommodation categories, each with a view of the Old Town, as well as units with a private park and pedestrian tracks.

All this is combined with carefully designed interesting tours where you will enjoy in all the natural beauties of Bar, and at the same time get to know the city on two magical shores, connected with medieval roads across the mountain wreaths.

The vision of “Stara Čaršija” is to create a unique and luxurious destination. For the 2020, along with the existing accommodation capacities, additional accommodation units are planned, such as private villas as well as the swimming pool and SPA & Wellness center.