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Steak house


Gourmands have approved that well prepared steak is an experience that everybody should have once in a lifetime.

The practice of steaks has come from the most developed western countries. This protein rich, healthy and delicious meat is a food not to be missed.
Within the visual presentation, as much as with the flavors and scents which woke up all our senses ,we give you a moment to remember.

Rib eye  best known as Tomahawk steak is one of the most popular and best rated steaks. It’s the most representative steak that we have seen in all the Western movies, also it is the most common choice of all the cowboys ,that’s why it has the popular name such as “Cowboy steak”.

Lokum special –
meat that is melting in the mouth, Turkish people have called it “lokum”, it is the whole steak of a lamb bone fillet.

The premium quality meat is prepared  and served at the table  right in front of you with a melted butter and with thin slices of bread. It is ideal for all the special occasions as its name says.

T-bone steak presents a very popular piece of a meat ,made out of a beefsteak and the most dominant flavour of ramsteak which unify the T bone. The meat of a T-bone steak is made of a medium grease which makes it easier to prepare.T-bone steak is very juicy with the most recognizable aroma flavour.

Nusr-Et ,the world most famous global  destination which serves all the celebrities and well known guests, has open the door for all the servers to get more education and learn about the most famous service of a prepared meat in front of a guest. Our employees had that honor to participate on a special course, where they acquired skills in meat cutting, preparing, serving and tasting. With all that knowledge, inhaled energy and shared love that they put in their daily work, they give the guests unique atmosphere and service that is well deserved.

What ever we do, we do it with all our heart in. We always try to do more, break our own boundaries and give people more of that than what they expect from us.