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Tastes of Brazil


As part of this year’s “Days of Brazil”, guests at the Stara Čaršija Restaurant enjoyed a dinner of Brazilian cuisine. The event was first welcomed by Biljana Dabic in front of the Ave tours agency, the organizer of this event and host Hajriz Brčvak, who emphasized the pleasure that Bar, known for its multiculturalism and quality cuisine is host of this event, especially for Brazilian enjoying dish prepared as a result of the multiculturalism of Brazil, and that this could be the biggest link between these two distant countries. Director of the Bar Tourism Organization, Emil Kukalj, addressed the attendees, highlighting tourism as the link between Brazil and Montenegro, two beautiful countries with natural landscapes that envy the entire planet.

University professor and psychologist Rafael Guimaraes has delighted everyone with his culinary skills as part of “Days of Brazil” in Montenegro this year. While preparing a traditional Brazilian dish, Moqueca, he explained to us that this dish is actually a synthesis of all the influences Brazil has received from its nations and races and turned it into a cultural heritage.

Guests of Stara Čaršija Restaurant enjoyed the perfect balance of Brazilian cuisine and a wonderful September evening on the terrace of our restaurant. Certainly, after the Brazilian dinner, Montenegrin specialties followed, and Professor Gumaraes especially singled out our local dishes such as Imam bayildi, homemade tea and fried onions.