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Timekeepers of Old Bar town


Time passed in old Bar town, and below we report on the first people in Bar who started with accurate timekeeping:

The sundial at the spring of Dobra Voda has existed since time immemorial. Before the arrival of the clock, the water for irrigation was divided through “lisan.” It was a kind of sundial on a stone that still exists today; several holes called “lisan” are carved, which are shined by sunlight at certain times. Therefore, the water was turned/directed, and it was the orientation for all 24 hours because irrigation is done in the summer throughout the day.

The first watch (clock) was brought to Dobra Voda by Alil Alković from Turkey, who lived from 1802 to 1897. The watch was of the brand “Pirial” for Kurdish (winding with a key). He was paid twelve golden Turkish lira. Alil took part in the war against the Russians.