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Two sides of the same pleasure


Coffee – the only thing in the whole world that transcends all identity issues and we all equally agree that our life without coffee would be different. In the Balkans, we went a step further, so out of coffee, we created a procedure, a tradition. Many of us wouldn’t change for anything all of the moments of drinking this drink, that comes from are of today’s Jordan.

Today there is a division in our society. Some are more for a copper tray, with a traditional „cezve“ and a fincan cup. Also, there is an unavoidable sugar cube as well as sweet Rahat lokum. Of course, water, which refreshes you before drinking coffee, but not after that so that the coffee extracts fill all your senses for as long as possible.

On the other hand, there are those who still enjoy “coffee from the machine” with a whole range of different names and combinations of coffee and milk, they have the most interesting daily conversations. However, the biggest enjoyers of these coffees do not need milk, they only need a good ratio of arabica and robusta, while the completeness of the ristretto is understood by individuals.

Stara Čaršija Restaurant has always offered only the best combinations of flavors, so with us, you can enjoy good traditional fincan coffees, as well as the highest quality Lavazza drinks!